Sorata Arisugawa

Sorata who is in his second year of high school, is originally from Osaka.He was taken away from his parents at the age of three by an old priest whom Sora calls "Grandpa Stargazer".He cannot recall anything about his former parents,except that his mother was crying when he left her.The priest knew Sora was destined to be one of the Dragons of Heaven,and would fight to protect the Earth.

Sora gets into a lot of trouble for the way he acts.He eats way too much,and talks to everyone like they're good friends.(Even his enemies).But that's also his charm as well.He jokes around about everything,and seems to get the most pleasure in life teasing people.(Esp. Kamui and Arashi).But Sorata is also very loyal and very determined not to let any harm come to his two "beautiful" comrades.

Grandpa Stargazer,also tells Sorata that he will die for the woman he loves.Sorata knows that his "grandfather's" predictions have never been wrong,so he chooses to die for a beautiful woman.Being a man of good taste,he chooses Arashi.

Arashi Kishuu

Arashi's real "self" is the Kakushi no Miko,or the Hidden Shrine Maiden.She is the protector of Ise,and is not to use her full powers unless absoulutely necessary.Her true powers are in the form of a sword,which is sheathed within Arashi's hand.She is usually found in a Sailor fuku,but does not appear to go to any school.(At least not one that I know of.)

Her mother died when she was six,leaving her homeless and hungry.She doesn't know who her father is,except that he was a University student who left Arashi's mother when she became pregnant.Arashi lived alone,eating out of garbage cans for three months before Kaede,a friend of Arashi's mother found her and brought her to Ise shrine.There Kaede revealed to Arashi that she is one of the "Dragons of Heaven".

Arashi is very emotionless,meaning she has emotions but just keeps a poker face ALL THE TIME!!The only people able to get a rise out of her are Sora and Nekoi.(Mostly Sora though).*^_^*She is very devoted to Princess Hinoto and protecting Kamui.


The Death Scene

So,wondering just what are the circumstances around Arashi and Sorata's final moments in the X:Movie?Well,read on and I'll tell you.

As Kamui sits in the corner of Hinoto's room holding Kotori's lifeless body in his arms,Fuuma emerges through the floor from a dream and announces that all the Dragons of Earth have fallen.He pushes Kanoe towards Hinoto,but whips the sword around and slices her through the back.She falls a few feet from Hinoto.Meanwhile Sorata has put up a kekkai and Arashi has unleashed the sword of Ise.The residual effects from the dream travel have punched a hole in the roof,where the battle moves.Fuuma uses his powers to slam Sora into the roof.Arashi looks at him in amazement for a moment,then turns angrily towards Fuuma and begins to swordfight with him.

"Keep struggling to the end Dragon of Heaven."he taunts her.

The sword fight has distracted Fuuma allowing Sora to get up.Arashi is thrown off and Fuuma starts blasting her.Sora rushes to her rescue,shielding her from the attacks,only to get blasted by Fuuma in the back.Sora is really pissed now,and gathers up all his energy into a ball of lightening.Fuuma lowers the sword and gathers his powers around the blade.As Sora charges towards Fuuma (with a ribbon of blood flowing from the wound on his back),Fuuma raises the blade at the last second,slicing Sora straight across the chest.There is a huge explosion of light and the scene fades in to the steps leading to the Diet buliding where Sora lays dying.Arashi kneels beside him.

"Why?Why are you protecting me?"she asks.

"Because babe,I guess you're my type.As Dragons of Heaven we're fated to fight and die right?Well if that's the case,I wanted to die protecting my beautiful comrade."

He lifts his hand to stroke her hair,his voice fading in and out.

"As a matter of fact,I wanted to be the man who protected you to the end...."

Arashi grabs his hand as it starts to fall.

"And your pretty face....I can hardly see it anymore..."

Tears start to fall from Arashi's eyes.

"Babe,after all,what do you think of me?I've gotta know."

Arashi gasps as Sora's hand goes limp,and she realizes that he is gone.She brings his hand to her cheek,letting her tears run over it.

"Sorata-san....."she whispers,but never gets to answer.Fuuma takes advantage of her distraction and creeps up behind her,then runs her through with the holy sword.She slumps forward,her head resting on Sora's chest.Fuuma twists the blade deeped into her and then smiles.

"Maybe now he'll hear your answer."As the kekkai starts to fall around them.

That's so sad ne??I almost cried. :( Now you'll know why I refer to Fuuma as that cowardly bastard whenever I speak of him.